6 wrz 2016

Hml for beginners

Here we go!
I see that you are "green / green" ... but do not worry. If you absolutely want to "change the color," read the text placed below. It will allow you to create your first website, even within a single day. If you think that writing pages in HTML for you "black magic" and the site itself is a mysterious and very complex document, you are wrong. Writing a short website is easier than you think. So do not waste no more time for excuses like: I learn nothing! and the like, because it's not true. Start now better read.

I have only one request: Try to read as carefully and in turn the entire contents on this page. If you miss a point or read it too superficially, it may cause not understand the next.

In most places this course is talking about HTML, but really learn here use XHTML, which is his successor and also the current standard. The term "HTML" will be used more in the sense of general language documents describing the structure of Web pages. But you do not worry that your website will not work properly because the commands presented here are written in such a way that they are valid also in HTML and properly presented also in older browsers. Sam XHTML 1 does not differ radically from its predecessor - including why we often used to record "(X) HTML", suggesting that the site is correct in terms of both languages ​​- and thus in one fell swoop will learn the principles of both XHTML and HTML. Reading this course, you will learn principles of web design using the latest technologies, while also working in older browsers.